Thursday, July 21, 2011

St. Bibiana....saint for hangovers....

The past few weekends...I have over endulged, to say the least. I guess being held up with the kids all day...too hot to do anything but sit around....and with no energy to explain why I am sitting next to so and so and not "me"....I have resolved to hide out in my room when ever the opportunity happens...usually when my youngest takes her nap. I watch recorded shows, read a book, plan some event coming up....and watch the clock. At around 4:30, I feel slight relief in knowing my husband will come through the door and I will get a true break. A "retreat" if you will, as I am blessed that he does the majority of the cooking...(Thank you Saint Pasqual, Patron Saint of Kitchens and Cooks...) And he understands my plight and sends me on my, if I am lucky enough to have an outting...I begin my "getting ready" ritual. And when I exit the house....I am free, if only for a few hours....but in the back ground I don't hear babies crying, kids arguing, or "Mommy ?" .

The first drink is the always the tastiest, coldest, and smallest. Why is that? So of course another is ordered. This one is less cold, but who cares....we feel good now! By the second think, meh....whats one more? The fourth one, lets be honest we just order it out of habit. And yes....this mommy's night out is almost over.

Then...I get home and it hits. The rooms spins...and I am left thinking "what the french was I thinking? Really? Sick?" blegh. Never drinking again, I am a grown woman! What possesed me? The next morning, room still spinning...but of course we don't really get a day off/sick day so we have to put our big girl undies on...and be a mom...maybe just a fraction of a mom...but a mom nonetheless....Resolve to get thier needs met and lay down when you can. And by the end of the day, I feel better...can finally eat...and yes, hubby walks in the door...and thank you St. Bibiana, I can rest a little...the next day we start ALL OVER AGAIN. Less endulgent, and hopefully St. Bibiana can tap me on the shoulder before I order drink number 4. blegh.