Wednesday, August 10, 2011

St. Monica, Patron Saint of Patience.

I right this one with the best intentions...i am about to embark on a very long road trip...with 4 children...a husband and his parents. I have nothing against any of them. But I know my patience with be tried, truely. And it scares that crap out of me. I can only imagine that the reason it scares me is that i will be stuck...stuck there with people that will get irritated with my children...just as I do on a daily basis...however...I AM ALLOWED, they are not. St. Monica isn't technically the Saint of Patience...but she needed much patience. I need patience in other areas as well. I feel like there is something out there, something I should be doing...but I can't right now. Yet, I see my friends succeeding in whatever it is they are doing and I get mad...but not that they are succeeding...I get mad because I am not. I am stuck...caring for a nearly 2 year old and her 3 older siblings who, as of late, have develped a sense of entitlement that quite frankly, is pissing me off....but....i have to have will start in the less than 2 weeks. Lily will be off to school before I know it...and then surely by then...I will have a plan to succeed...what ever that success will be. So ... St. Monica....I need you dear friend....

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  1. You are a great success in God's eyes. you are proclaiming the Good News through His beloved saints. There is no harder job than the one you have now..being a Mom. Noticed your last post was Aug 2011.Why? And what a shame. I took a year off, but blogging again. God blessed us with this talent so we should use it. Oh, I love the beach, too, so I moved to Fl!