Sunday, March 13, 2011

Patron Saint of Sadness and Desperate Times...

I friend just posted this on FB: "Sept 11(NY), Jan 11 (Haiti), March 11 (Japan) Luke 21: 10-11 Then Jesus said to his disciples, Nation will rise against Nation and Kingdom again Kingdom, there will be great earthquakes famines and pestilences in various places and fearful events and great signs from Heaven." Jesus says "Behold I come quickly".

It struck a chord pretty seems like each tragic event is more tragic than the heart is heavy for all the people who have been effected by all of these the mean time...what do we do? Is being "right with God" enough? I am no Saint by any means...I could always do better, but I am not even worried about myself. What about my kids...the life they expect to live...the plans they are making for thier futures.

Growing up Baptist, I always heard about the was always a fear..."if you didn't do the right thing, you would be left behind..." Scared the beggezzezzes out of me. I am not sure that is what God intended anyone to fear him? But, now...with so many things happening...the time between them seem to be getting shorter...I believe these are desperate times...I am scared... for my kids. For my family. for my babies. Why was I given such precious gifts? Only to fear they won't grow up free, strong, all?
..."it will be better in Heaven...we will have new bodies, we will be perfect" My Grandmother used to tell me this whenever I questioned the Rapture...or dieing. She is perfect now...but I still don't like that answer...

So, St. Jude...this is me...a Mom of four...a wife, an imperfect human...looking to you for guidance and strenth...maybe even hope......Im not ready for all of this heavy. Its too much. =(

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