Sunday, March 13, 2011

San Pasqual, Patron Saint of the Kitchen

My husband is painting our house...starting with the is a wonderful blue beautiful. It reminds me of the waters in Playa Del Carmen...I just love it. He, however...not so happy. But I know it the end...we will enjoy our (not so close to the) beach retreat we are creating...So we hope San Pasqual keeps my husband sane...especially since every one of our 4 children would like to "help"..... I may have to get that wooden statue pictured too....its kind a cool! =)

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  1. I love that the Patron Saint of Kitchens is one from this is where I get a lot of my colorful influence/love from...the vivid colors of the Mexican Riviera are so wonderful to me...I can't wait to see how our kitchen turns out!!! and i gotta get that statue!